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Payment Sound Box

The payment sound box is an important device introduced by fintech companies and banks to allow retailers to skip verifying transactions each time they receive payment. The soundbox ensures UPI and even wallet payment by customers. The soundbox uses LTE/GPRS technology to communicate with bank servers and iterates voice messages as a receipt of payment.

At MEKR, we have developed and manufactured payment soundboxes for leading fintech companies in India and abroad. We have strong expertise in R&D, design and manufacturing which enables us to manufacture payment soundboxes and their complete integration with bank servers.

Sound Box

Soundbox Specifications:

LED Indicator              RGB

Buttons                        Power On-Off, Volume Up,                                           Volume Down, Reset (Pin                                             Hole) and Payment 

Power Adapter            5V, 1.2A

Casing                          Plastic casing as per design

Charging support       Type C

SIM Support                2G/4G

Battery                         2000 mAh

PCBA                           Custom made as per design

Speaker                       4Ω, 3W

SD card support         Yes

What is a Payment Sound Box?

Payment soundbox is an innovative speaker-based device to provide voice alerts for payments received at retail outlets as proof of payment and thereby prevent fraud. As the world is shifting towards digital payments which are increasing multifold per year, soundbox is a very functional device at retail outlets for the merchants.


Understanding the working of a Payment Sound Box:

The payment soundbox is equipped with a SIM card supporting 2G/4G connectivity to connect with the bank servers. Once, the customer scans the QR and makes the payment, then it is reflected on servers and the signal is processed as a voice alert on the speaker for the payment received.

Why should you use a Payment Sound Box?

The payment sound box comes in handy at times with its powerful use cases:


  1. The payment soundbox serves as proof of payment for the retailers every time the payment is received otherwise they would have to check for payment messages or transaction success in their bank accounts.

  2. Whenever the store is busy, the soundbox becomes effective to ensure all payments are received and prevent fraud.

  3. It serves as confirmation to staff when the owner is not at the store and they don't have access to the owner’s bank account.

  4. Voice alerts are easy to use for merchants who are not so tech-savvy to adapt to digital payments.


At MEKR, we have built technology for payment soundboxes and have ready solutions for manufacturing high-quality payment soundboxes from design, research and development to mass manufacturing at super-fast timelines and competitive prices.

To book your order, contact us.

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