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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you help with manufacturing for products where only reference samples are available?
    We do have a team of inhouse experts who can look at your samples and plan the manufacturing processes, decide materials and build digital designs from physical samples. For more detailed R&D projects which involves complex electronics design, firmware development and so on, we will try to connect you with some external R&D house which can help in your product development.
  • What happens in case of quality related concerns for the manufactured goods ?
    It is usually unlikely as we have strict quality control processes and always work only with the best manufacturers. We always prioritise to sample smaller lots before mass build and seek your approvals. However in an unlikely event if something is not manufactured as per spec, we will be happy to replace it for you.
  • Can I share my propreitory designs with you?
    Yes, we and our manufacturing partners always ensure complete confidentiality of our customer's designs. We can also sign NDA for ensuring legal compliance.
  • Are there any MOQ requirements?
    We typically like to work for mass volume projects (more than 500-1k units). We have built our supplier base and developed our processes to efficiently deliver for mass volumes. However if there is any project which is currently in prototyping stage but will have bigger volumes in future, we can definitely work.
  • Which locations can you deliver the goods?
    We have a strong logistics network servicing all across the globe.
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