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Mekr Technologies is a digital manufacturing platform that provides a one-stop manufacturing solution for product companies and ensures a steady business for its manufacturing partners. We provide the best prices, top quality and reliable lead times for manufacturing services. Customers enjoy a seamless experience for their manufacturing needs. Suppliers enjoy timely payments and working capital access while working through us. Thus, we are enabling a complete ecosystem for product manufacturing, especially in electronics, dealing with PCBA, plastics molding, metal processing, parts, and semiconductor sourcing. 

Competitive Cost

Select strategic price points to best take advantage of a product or service based market relative to the competition.

Assured Quality and On-Time Delivery

Our dedicated project managers with industry expertise will conduct Quality inspections, and audits and implement advanced processes to keep production on track for timely fulfillment.

Detailed Tracking and Visibility

You get a personalised dashboard to keep track of project status and get the project reports.

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