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A tyre inflator is a device used to inflate or fill air into vehicle tires and other inflatable items. It is designed to help maintain proper tire pressure, crucial for safe and efficient driving.Tyre inflators are a convenient tool to have on hand, especially during emergencies or when regular access to a service station is not readily available. They provide a quick and easy way to top up tire pressure or inflate tires that have lost air due to punctures or gradual leakage. To run its compressor, a tyre inflator operates by utilizing a power source, such as a car's 12-volt DC supply or a rechargeable battery. The compressor draws in air through an intake valve and compresses it, which is pumped into the tire through a nozzle attached to the valve. A built-in pressure gauge allows for monitoring and adjustment of the tire pressure. The process continues until the desired pressure is reached, at which point the tire inflator can be turned off and disconnected.

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