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Mekr is known for custom-made electronic device manufacturing for its clients at competitive prices and superfast timelines. We have worked on numerous projects with leading companies, bringing ideas to reality. This may sound simple but involves rigorous work starting from design, research and development, to choosing materials, fetching suppliers, prototyping, quality checks and iterating it back again to get the best high-quality products from our factories.

Believe me! Mekr is a one-stop solution for all your manufacturing needs. Listed here are a few of the projects we have worked on and are production-ready to manufacture at large scales.

  1. Payment Sound Box

  2. EV charger

  3. Egg Boiler


This is just a glimpse of what we do while we continue to work on multiple projects in our pipeline. We are looking forward to a bright future in setting up the supply chain, building the infrastructure and indigenizing manufacturing in India.


To book your order, contact us.

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